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Welcome to our Parent's Corner
Quality is Essential!

Having a quality early childhood experience is necessary and can be life-changing.  Science shows that 80% of human brain development occurs before a child turns age three...and the experiences that children have during this critical time in their lives can significantly impact their success in both school and later adult life.  Therefore, it is very important that in the early years a child experiences high-quality care. 

School Readiness

Our partners have come together to ensure that all children in our Central community are ready for Kindergarten.  A child's school readiness depends on the child's attitude towards learning, social skills, physical skills, cognitive abilities, and emotional competence.  Our programs are committed to providing high-quality care to ensure all children are ready for Kindergarten by age 5.  

Upcoming Community Children's Events
Central Branch Library

11260 Joor Rd.

For a list of upcoming events and/or resources, please check out the Central Branch location on

or call their

Children's Services line

(225) 262-2660


Resources and Links

Childcare/Education Resources:

         Provides informational videos on early        

         development, early learning, and parenting

         Provides information on important     

         developmental milestones for children

        A search site that offers performance and 

        licensing information for all publicly-funded                 programs in the state in order to help families             more easily locate and evaluate schools and               child care centers

        Provides screening, evaluation, and identification         of exceptionalities in students along with needed         intervention services and other educational      


Financial Assistance Resources:

         Provides cash assistance to families with children            when the financial resources of the family are                  insufficient to meet subsistence needs

         Provides monthly benefits that help eligible low-              income households buy the food they need for                good health

        Connects people to the resources they need such as         basic needs, health, employment, support for older         people, disabled people, children, and families

Healthcare Resources:

         Provides medical benefits to low income                        individuals and families

         Provides services to families with infants and                  toddlers from birth to three years of age who                have a medical condition likely to result in a                  developmental delay or who have developmental            delays

         Provides individualized service, information,      

         resources, and support to positively enhance the            independence, productivity, and integration of     

         persons with disabilities into the community

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